Information for Students

Course Cancellations

This information is for learners that are registered on Swansea University courses.

If you have registered on a course with another provider, go to the ‘Partners’ page for their contact details.If you have pre-enrolled for a course that has to be cancelled before the course starts, we will contact you to let you know. If you have already started a course and there is the possibility that it will be cancelled, the tutor will discuss with you what will happen within the first two weeks of classes. The Centre will refund you for classes that we have to cancel. If your course is cancelled and you would like to transfer to another course please contact the Centre.

Withdrawals and Refunds

This information is for learners that are registered on Swansea University courses.

If you have registered on a course with another provider, go to the ‘Partners’ page for their contact details. If you choose to withdraw from a course and would like a refund, please write to us to let us know. Refunds are at the discretion of the Centre and where granted, will be pro-rata to the sessions attended. Please note that if you have paid by cheque it can take up to five weeks for the University’s Finance Department to refund the money back to you, however, card payments can be refunded straight away.

Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities Statement

The Welsh for Adults Centre is committed to equality of opportunity and Freedom from discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, language, class, sexuality, religion, disability, age or political belief in its teaching and learning, in the development of its curricula and as an employer. The Centre is committed to widening opportunities for non traditional students and every effort is made to allow everyone to attend and enjoy courses. In order to provide any necessary support effectively, we ask that you contact us at your earliest convenience.

Advice and Guidance

Free, impartial and confidential advice and guidance is available throughout the year. If you would like to talk through your ideas and options, the service is easy to access.

Please contact the Centre on (01792) 60 20 70 or email

Student Services

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our students and staff is of paramount importance. Tutor / Organisers have the opportunity to provide feedback on safety aspects of off campus locations, whilst there is a University policy covering the Centre’s offices and teaching rooms on campus.

Extra Help

Students with disabilities, medical conditions and/or specific learning difficulties

The University has a well-established Disability Office who will work with you and the Centre to advise on any support-related issues. It can take considerable time to put support arrangements in place and we therefore ask that if you have a disability, medical condition, or specific learning difficulty, and you require support, please inform the Centre who will contact the Disability Office at the earliest opportunity to discuss your support needs. More information can be found at

Wellbeing Services

This new unit brings together the services of Student Counselling and Mental Health Co-ordination.

Student Counselling offers free, confidential counselling service, to those students who find that they are unable to study effectively or enjoy their life at University, whatever the cause - personal or academic. The Mental Wellbeing Co-ordination Service offers direct help and support as well as a liaison internally with University departments and externally with various agencies.

They can be contacted on 01792 295592, email: or by visiting our counselling page.

South Wales Miners’ Library

As a Welsh for Adults student, your first contact for library support and information is the South Wales Miners’ Library, which is located on the Hendrefoelan Campus. We provide library facilities and support for all students enrolled on Welsh for Adults  courses - no matter where you are being taught.

Information on Key Policies

The Centre is part of Swansea University. Key policies which underpin the University's work and its relationship with students, staff and the public are available through the following link:

About Us.