Swansea University hosts Supreme Court Judge

Lord Clarke, previously the legendary Anthony Clarke QC of 2 Essex Court, was the guest of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL) on 1 December to deliver a public lecture on “Ethics” to a large gathering of members of the public, academics, University officers and students.

In his lecture, his Lordship evaluated the ethical standards expected of lawyers by giving examples from his long career at the Bar and on the Bench (including a stint in the thankless position of Master of the Rolls), which started in 1958. The first High Court judge to be elevated directly to The Supreme Court, he was introduced at the event by Professor Elwen Evans QC, Head of the College of Law and Criminology, a fellow esteemed criminal barrister.

The night ended with a lively Q & A session, after which Professor Soyer, Director of the IISTL, warmly thanked Lord Clarke for, among other things, making it clear that the consistently impeccable ethical standards observed at the Bar was something that distinguishes this jurisdiction from many others and remained one of the selling points that attracted parties from all around the world to arbitrate and litigate in England and Wales.       

Lord Clarke with Professor Evans

Professor Elwen Evans QC introducing Lord Clarke at the event.