Swansea and the City: Leading Commercial Law Firm Shows Its Admiration for Swansea LLM Degrees

The Swansea LLM came into being in 2000. In 2014 it gained very welcome recognition from top City commercial and shipping law firm Holman Fenwick Willan LLP (HFW).

HFW logoHaving for a long time enjoyed close links with the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL) in Swansea, in 2014 HFW instituted no less than three awards, known as the HFW prizes and each worth a pretty substantial £500, for the best performance in three vital LLM subjects: Admiralty, Oil and Gas, and Carriage of Goods.

This year saw Marios Chaliakopoulos win the Admiralty prize, whilst  Ashlee Xi and Susana Ramírez-Estrada respectively carried off the Oil and Gas and Carriage of Goods awards. The presentations were made at a grand reception held in HFW's London headquarters in the presence of the winners and members of their family, large numbers of HFW trainees and partners, and Swansea academics from the IISTL.

Presenting the prizes, Richard Neylon, HFW partner and (of course) a Swansea law graduate, said: “Swansea is probably the leading academic institution specialising in shipping and trade law in the UK. In that respect there are therefore remarkable similarities between HFW and Swansea. We were enormously impressed by the calibre of LLM students at Swansea, and we genuinely hope that this recent initiative will inspire students studying at Swansea and will supplement the immense effort that the teaching staff at Swansea put in to educate the next generation of shipping, trade and insurance lawyers.”

HFW Prize (2016) 

From  left to right: Francisco Gross (Swansea LLM alumni- HFW Associate (Sao Paulo)), Professor Richard  Williams (IISTL), Marios Chaliakopoulos, Susana Ramírez-Estrada, Ashlee Xi, Callistus Ojukwu (Swansea LLM student and intern at HFW), Miss Tabetha Kurtz-Shefford (IISTL), Associate Professor Theodora Nikaki (IISTL) and Richard Neylon (HFW)