Swansea Alumni continue to make waves in the maritime world

Having completed our LLM in International Commercial and Maritime Law with merit in 2009, Ms Rong (Shirley) Liu took advantage of her highly-marketable qualification to go straight into high-powered practice in China.

Specialising in shipping, trade and finance law, she rose fast: she is now Senior Partner of her law firm, Globe-Law. This firm specialises in commercial and shipping law and it has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Dalian.

Apart from her success in legal practice, Ms Liu demonstrated her commitment to the development of the law by delivering an excellent paper at the Chinese Maritime Law Association's 8th quadrennial conference held on 13-15 October 2015 in Dalian. Her presentation, which focused on financial leasing, attracted widespread interest and keen debate. Commenting on these events, Professor Baris Soyer, head of Swansea's Shipping and Trade Law Department and leader of the university's Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law, said: “Shirley’s success is something that we are very proud of. I was delighted to see her being invited to talk at this prestigious event. This shows just how far one can go, and how quickly one can reach the top, on the basis of a Swansea LLM. We will undoubtedly be seeing more of this person, who promises to be one of the leading maritime lawyers in China in the years to come.”

Dalian Conference 2015 (S1)

Ms Rong (Shirley) Liu (Senior partner-Globe-Law Law Firm) at the conference