Shipping and Trade Law keeps in touch – in Athens

The Swansea LLM began, in what was then a small way, about fifteen years ago. Its alumni are now spread over the globe, working in increasingly senior positions at the forefront of the maritime, banking, insurance and legal world.

In the Department of Shipping and Trade Law, we take all this in our stride, and continue to maintain close contact with our LLM graduates everywhere. In particular, we regularly organise alumni events around the world, where we offer our graduates the chance to meet, network, catch up with developments and keep up their contact with us.

To that end, we organised an alumni event in Athens on 26 May 2016, built around a visit by an IISTL team to deliver papers at the Second Advanced Seminar in International Maritime Law organised in conjunction with Athens University Law School (an event that itself attracted over a hundred students, professors, lawyers and representatives of the Greek shipping industry).

Athens alumni event 2016 (2)

Members of the LLM teaching team with Maria Kostala (Fender SA), Christina Tsouni (Gard P&I Club),Theodora Kostara (Shipserve (International) Inc.), Panos Sotos (Chartworld Shipping Corp), George Fofos (Franco Compania Naviera SA), Eleni Baxivanou (Daniolos Law Firm), Georgia Patinioti (Stephenson Harwood LLP), Carlo Psilopulos (P.L.Ferrari & Co. S.r.l.), Ioannis Tsaplaris (Navig8 Group)

The event – held on the roof terrace of the Chandris Metropolitan Hotel with its stunning views over the city and over to the Acropolis and Lykavetos –  gave our Greek alumni an unrivalled opportunity to catch up with their contemporaries and professors and to hear about the most recent developments at Swansea. These included the addition of important subjects such as mobile assets finance law, not to mention our foray into the arbitration world with the recognition of the International Arbitration module as equivalent to member level education (module 2) offered by the CIArb. For our part, we were very pleased to hear from our alumni about the role the Swansea LLM had played in their career development and how much they missed Swansea. We were also delighted to see how well our students had progressed in their professional lives since graduation. It was very gratifying to note that in a very difficult market many had excellent jobs in the wider Greek shipping sector, including leading law firms (eg Daniolos Law Firm and Stephenson Harwood LLP), insurance companies and P & I clubs (eg Fender SA, P.L.Ferrari & Co, Gard, and Shipserve), and shipping companies (for instance Navig8 Group, Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd, Franco Compania Naviera SA and Chartworld Shipping Corporation).

‌Professor Richard Williams, one of our longest-standing members, commented:

“It is both gratifying and a tribute to the quality of the teaching that is provided by the Department of Shipping and Trade Law that its members are asked to participate at a prestigious event of this nature. It is even more gratifying to meet so many alumni who are now doing so well in their chosen careers and who are clearly not only grateful for that teaching but also remember their student experience with fondness. That is what we always strive to achieve.”

Athens Alumni event 2016 (1)

Professor Richard Williams addressing our LLM alumni