Masters Student from Nigeria wins IP Wales Prize for 2016

Associate Professor Andrew Beale OBE (Director of IP Wales) commented, “our IP Wales annual Prize is awarded to the student with the best performance in our Law of Intellectual Assets Management & Transactions module. Ojonoka not only performed exceptionally well in her studies but has also been working for us this summer as an intern on our IP Wales project.”

Following her achievement Ojonoka Agudah commented “I would like to thank IP Wales for awarding me with this prestigious prize and for the Department of Shipping and Trade law, College of law and Criminology at Swansea University for providing me with the opportunity to study the exciting IP modules - international Intellectual property law and Intellectual assets management and transactions. It has been an exciting and fulfilling experience learning from trained experts in the field and though challenging, taking these modules has definitely made me understand intellectual property and its importance more. I have no doubt that this experience gained from Swansea University LLM program will be very useful in my future IP legal career and I am grateful for that. “

IP wales Prize 2016

Caption Picture: Associate Professor Andrew Beale OBE presenting the IP Wales prize to Ms Ojonoka Agudah