LLM Students Represent the Department at the Nanjing Summer Law Programme

The students of the Department of Shipping and Trade Law have had another great opportunity this July to take part in the Summer Law Culture Programme hosted Nanjing Normal University.

With generous sponsorship from the NNU, four Swansea LLM students were able to visit the historical city of Nanjing and take part in Nanjing Normal University’s international Summer Law Culture Programme. During their time there the students were able to visit iconic places of cultural and historic significance, such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Mausoleum, the Nanjing 1,000 steps (which, we are reliably informed, the students climbed entirely!) and the Lion Garden in Suzhou.

In amongst all the sampling of local foods and visits to interesting locations, our four students (Ojonoka Agudah, Breeda Okpo, Etorre Violante and Mehandzhiyska Zoya) were invited to participate in lectures on key elements of Chinese law, politics and the university education system, including an interactive discussion on Chinese criminal law that involved the testing out of a polygraph machine! The lectures culminated in a visit, talk and tour of the Nanjing Arbitration Commission.

Nanjing 2016 (2)

The students benefitted from engaging in stimulating exchanges of opinions with peers from all over Asia, comparing their home legal systems with those of Korea, China and others.

In the words of Ms Agudah: “I experienced law from a cultural point of view, allowing me to really understand how Chinese culture has shaped its legal system. And having had such great interactions with students from other parts of the globe, I left China utterly fascinated by the rich culture that exists around the world. It has definitely been one of the highlights of studying in Swansea University as it was a very enlightening experience.”

“I can say that I built real friendships with students from overseas… I can only say thank you for having been given this amazing possibility and I hope that I will visit China again.”  (Ettore Violante).

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