Wales Observatory wins Swansea Sanctuary Award

We are thrilled to announce that the Wales Observatory on Human Rights of Children and Young People here at the College of Law and Criminology has won a Swansea Sanctuary Award for its work with asylum seekers and refugees.

The Sanctuary Awards recognise the fantastic work carried out by organisations pledged to Swansea City of Sanctuary working to make Swansea a safe city for asylum seekers and refugees.

City of Sanctuary is based on the vision of a network of towns and cities permeated by a culture of hospitality, where people seeking sanctuary from violence and persecution in their own countries can find welcome, support, and understanding.

The Wales Observatory provides a forum for research, debate, education and knowledge exchange on human rights of children and young people, working for realisation of human rights through policy, practice, advocacy and law reform. 

In the last six months, the Observatory has hosted numerous events to promote the inclusion of asylum seekers. Examples include the Children Displaced Across Borders conference which resulted in a commitment to develop a specialist asylum law clinic and, the Brexit: Implications for Children in Wales conference which made a number of recommendations to the Welsh Government and other stakeholders, including the rights of those seeking sanctuary in Wales. The HRD528 Challenge in December saw students and staff attempt to live off £5.28 a day (the amount allocated to asylum seekers), culminating in an event where students learned about the experiences of asylum seekers in Swansea.

Dr Simon Hoffman, Co-director of the Wales Observatory, said: “The Observatory is committed to including asylum seekers and refugees in our work, so that we can learn from them directly about their experiences and the issues that matter to them.”

The award was presented on Wednesday 5th April at the Swansea City of Sanctuary Celebration and AGM held at Tapestri in Swansea. #

Swansea Sanctuary Award