The Wales Observatory host Conference to discuss rights of displaced children

The Wales Observatory and Center for Migration Policy Research is hosting a conference at Swansea University on the forced migration of children. Working with the University of Houston, the conference will compare the condition and rights of displaced children in the European Union with those in the US, Mexico and the Northern Triangle region of Central America.

On November 18 and 19, 2016, Children Displaced Across Borders aims to encourage discussion of complex issues and propose next steps for research, policy, and practice-driven interventions.

Children are forced to migrate for many reasons including poverty, political upheaval and human trafficking. Those who have been displaced and those left behind endure a range of human rights violations. State responses have been inadequate in ways that reveal the unintended consequences of current law, gaps between policy and implementation, and tensions between human rights and political or economic imperatives.

Academics and other interested parties wishing to submit a proposal for the conference are invited to write a 500-word abstract by September 1, 2016, addressing one of six themes:

  1. Law, History, and Discourse (e.g. how the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has been implemented)
  2. Critical Pedagogies, Research, and Educational Sector Responses (e.g.  community programmes on rights topics like youth trafficking)
  3. Social Work Theory, Praxis, and Programmes (e.g. research-based practices for working with displaced children)
  4. Global Migration and Geography Studies (e.g. empirical research in pressurized migratory spaces)
  5. Interdisciplinary, Intersectional, and Multi-sector Practitioner Approaches (e.g. law enforcement that addresses rights topics like hunger, sexual violence and  racial profiling)
  6. Societal and Group Responses, including Civic Organisation and Resistance (e.g. community and youth-driven programming, public events, and social media spaces).

Please include full institutional contact information. Submission notifications will be emailed during the week commencing September 19, 2016. Conference funding is available for selected participants.

Further details from Jane WilliamsWales Observatory on Human Rights of Children and Young People

Or Dr Sergei ShubinCentre for Migration Policy Research