The Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law -- professional links strengthened yet further

Swansea College of Law's Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL) regularly holds seminars in the City on hot topics in shipping and trade law.

On 15 October it carried on the tradition at a meeting held at the offices next to Tower Bridge of leading commercial and shipping law firm Ince & Co. The focus this time was on the draft Insurance Bill, introduced in the House of Lords earlier this year after having been drafted by the English and Scottish Law Commissions following extensive preliminary work (in which the IISTL had incidentally also been involved). This proposal aims to reform the law on fraud and misrepresentation in commercial insurance law, including the relevant provisions of the Marine Insurance Act 1906. Professor Soyer, Director of the IISTL, together with two leading partners in Ince & Co, Simon Cooper and Joe O’Keeffe, offered a penetrating analysis on the impact of the suggested changes on the law relating to pre-contractual information duties of the assured, insurance warranties and fraudulent insurance claims. These presentations were followed by a rigorous debate which allowed two panellists, David Hertzell from the Law Commission and Paul Jaffe from the Catlin Group, to respond to the points raised by the presenters and the audience. The event attracted 95 delegates (the full capacity of the venue), and ended with a reception generously hosted by Ince & Co. Delegates finally left the building around 8 pm having obtained a vastly better understanding of the implications of this potential law reform.


Professor Baris Soyer (Director, IISTL) presenting his paper

The IISTL is committed to bridging the gap between academia and legal practice, and events like this are vital in helping it to achieve this objective. The Institute maintains close links with a number of City firms, including Ince & Co, which indeed kindly sponsors the “Best LLM Student" award at Swansea. This was in fact the third event of this kind organised by it in the City this year. Of the previous two, one was an evening seminar on “Offshore Contracts”, presented in May in collaboration with Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, and the other, presented only last month at the headquarters of the Association of British Insurers in Gresham Street, concerned “Fraudulent Claims in Insurance Law and Post-contractual Duty of Good Faith”.


From left to right: Paul Jaffe (Senior Underwriter and Claims Counsel, Catlin Group), David Hertzell (Law Commissioner), Chris Jefferis (Head of Insurance Business Group, Partner, Ince & Co) and Joe O'Keefe (Partner, Ince & Co.)