The College of Law Annual Sixth Form Conference 2015

The College’s Annual Sixth Form Conference continues to attract a very high number of enthusiastic participants from schools and colleges in the South Wales region. This year, there were in excess of 160 students and teachers in attendance. The event was held on two separate days, the 25th and 27th March, in order to accommodate student numbers.

The Conference gives students the opportunity to experience a little of what it would be like to study law or criminology at university, to ask any questions they may have about studying or pursuing a career in the area of law or criminology and to obtain information about employability matters more generally.

For many this will be in the legal professional as a paralegal, solicitor, or barrister; for others a law degree will lead to a legal career in the private sector or public sectors; and still others will be drawn to work in a legal capacity for charitable or campaigning organisations. Many other law graduates opt for other quite different career paths, in areas such as business management, the probation service, forensic psychology, trading standards, politics, human resource management, education and many, many more. At Swansea University College of Law we recognise the wide range of possibilities that are available and the need to make the most of our students’ potential, and therefore to ensure that our students have the best available advice and information to help them make the right choice about their career. For more information on how we support student career choices and employment click here

To this end, the Conference is organised around a series of seminars facilitated by academics within the College of Law. Seminar topics this year included children’s rights, criminology, the right to privacy, international law, medical law, legal practice, criminal evidence and anti-terrorism law, with each student participating in four seminars during the course of the day.

6th Form Conference 2015

Miss Nerys Jefford QC, Keating Chambers London delivering a talk to the students









In addition to the seminars, there were talks by members of the legal profession. During the course of the two days, Miss Nerys Jefford QC, Keating Chambers, London and Mr. Alun Price, solicitor, Red Kite Law, Carmarthen spoke to the students about employability issues as well as their own experiences in pursuing a career in the legal profession. As members of the Lord Edmund-Davies Legal Education Trust (LEDLET), they also informed the students about the legal internship opportunities offered to students in Welsh schools and colleges by the Trust. Dr. Jon Howden-Evans and Ms. Lucy Norman from Careers and Employability at Swansea University spoke about the range of opportunities and support available to students at university to enable them to enhance their skills and employability. They also encouraged students to reflect on the wide range of options available to them on graduation. During the course of the event, the sixth form students had opportunities to talk informally to academics and existing students especially during a lunch provided by the College of Law.

Dr Helen Quane, who convenes the Sixth Form Conferences, commented that ‘the College of Law is very pleased to offer sixth form students an opportunity to participate in lively seminar discussions about legal and criminology issues and to gain some insight into what studying law or criminology at university can entail. It is also a useful opportunity to provide sixth form students with information about employability matters as well as challenging certain stereotypes which may inhibit some students from studying law and pursuing a career in the legal profession. We are delighted by the number of students participating in the conference this year, by their enthusiastic participation in the seminar discussions and by their very positive response to the event.’