Swansea University School of Law is delighted to announce that the Bar Council of India has recognised its LLB degree. The recognition took place after a thorough inspection of the quality of education provided by the Law School. In the course of the scrutiny, a delegation of eminent Indian lawyers visited the School to inspect its premises and procedures, and interview its staff. The delegation were particularly impressed by the close working relationship between the School and the local legal profession evidenced during their visit to Capital Law Solicitors. Professor John Linarelli, the Head of School, said, ‘The recognition is a testament to the efforts that the Law School has made to ensure that it provides an educational experience of the highest calibre to its students.’ Other institutions recognised by the Bar Council of India include The Australian National University, Canberra; Cambridge University; Cornell Law School; Oxford University; University of Bristol; University of California, Berkley; University of Durham; and University of Michigan.

The Law School offers a complete legal education in its undergraduate, postgraduate programmes (LLM) and courses leading to professional recognition, including the Legal Practice Course and Graduate Diploma in Law. In particular, LLM programmes in the realm of commercial, maritime and business law provide an attractive proposition for overseas applicants. They are well-known and regarded in shipping, banking and insurance sectors and taught by internationally recognised experts who are at the cutting edge of their disciplines.

For more information on the School of Law and degrees offered by the School see: www.swansea.ac.uk/law