Report on human rights and fracking in the UK delivered to No 10 Downing Street

A report on human rights and fracking in the UK commissioned by the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation and co-authored by the Global Network for Human Rights and the Environment and its partners, the Environment and Human Rights Advisory and the Human Rights Consortium was delivered to No 10 Downing Street by Bianca Jagger on 26th November 2014. Ms Jagger was accompanied by three of the report's contributing authors Anna Grear (Reader in Law, Cardiff University), Evadne Grant (Associate Head of Department of Law, University of the West of England) and Karen Morrow (Professor of Environmental Law, Swansea University).

 A report on human rights and fracking in the UK

Photo attributed to Anita Hummel and caption (Left to right) Anna Grear, Evadne Grant, Bianca Jagger, Karen Morrow 







The report has been embraced by a very vigorous activist campaign led by the founder of Mothers Against Fracking, Julie Wassmer. As part of this wider initiative, a campaigner, Geza Tarjanyi, who is walking from Downing Street to Brussels, is due to be welcomed into the European Parliament with Romanian Campaigner, Alexandru Popescu, who has walked over 2000 KM, from Pungesti, also to raise awareness of the dangers of fracking. MEP Keith Taylor has handed a letter to Mr Juncker from Geza, requesting a special audience for the two campaigners and Geza will be giving a speech to the EU Parliament, in which he will now mention this report and call upon the EU Parliament to respect human rights and to prevent their violation by fracking.

The report, in full, including appendices, can be downloaded from the link on the GNHRE site: