Professor Soyer invited to address the Judiciary on the Insurance Act 2015

The Judicial College exists to ensure that the senior judiciary of England and Wales are properly kept up to date on important developments.

Professor Soyer delivering a talk

It is a great honour to be invited to address it. Recently that honour was extended to Professor Soyer, Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law (IISTL) of Swansea University, when he was asked to address senior commercial and Chancery judges (including members of the Court of Appeal) on the Insurance Act 2015, a major piece of reform that came into force on 12 August last year. The event was held at the Royal Courts of Justice on 31 January and attracted an excellent turn-out. Professor Soyer was accompanied by Peter MacDonald-Eggers QC, also a member of the IISTL, and together they evaluated aspects of the Act regarded as likely to engender litigation. The seminar was skilfully chaired by Mr Justice Picken, who took the opportunity to praise fulsomely the work that the IISTL had done during the process of reforming insurance law.              




Insurance Act

Insurance Act 2015- book edited by Professors Soyer and Clarke of Cambridge University  

Professor Soyer (together with Professor Malcolm Clarke of Cambridge University) is an editor of a book that aims to offer a critical analysis to the law reform on commercial insurance law (Insurance Act 2015: A New Regime for Commercial and Marine Insurance Law, published by Informa Law in 2016). The book contains contributions from several other members of the IISTL, notably Professor Andrew Tettenborn, Associate Professor George Leloudas and Simon Rainey QC, as well as renowned experts on insurance Law such as Sir Bernard Rix and David Hertzell.  

Professor Soyer has been invited to talk to specialist judges (High Court, Mercantile and County) on the same subject later in the year.