Peter Raynor co-edits ground-breaking publication

The School of Law is proud to announce that emeritus research professor Peter Raynor has co-edits the first book to bring together international research on skills and practices in probation and youth justice.

Evidence-based Skills in Criminal Justice, edited by Pamela Ugwudike (formerly Swansea University, now Southampton), Peter Raynor (Swansea) and Jill Annison (Plymouth), is published by Policy Press at Bristol University. 

This substantial collection, featuring 20 chapters in over 440 pages, with 36 authors from 9 different countries, is the latest product of CREDOS, the Collaboration of Researchers for the Effective Development of Offender Supervision.

The publication of the book in December 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of CREDOS, an international research network of criminologists and criminal justice practitioners founded in Italy in 2007 by Peter Raynor, Fergus McNeill (Glasgow) and Christopher Trotter (Monash). The current directors of CREDOS are Chris Trotter, Pamela Ugwudike and Jill Annison.

Eminent criminologist Shadd Maruna comments on the book: "I'm often asked what practitioners can do to encourage and support desistance from crime. Now I know exactly what to tell them: read this book! . . . It is an essential resource for understanding effective rehabilitation."  

This is the twenty-third book to be authored, co-authored or co-edited by Peter Raynor since his appointment in Swansea. The publication can be purchased here

Evidence-based Skills in Criminal Justice