Mr Jansen and Mr Pogiatzis are the Winners of the LLM Internal Moot

The Postgraduate Legal Studies Department at Swansea aims not only to provide a first-class educational experience in commercial and maritime law but also to develop transferable skills vital to a career as a legal practitioner.

To this end, this year the Department has employed a PhD candidate, Sebastian Meyer, who under the guidance of Dr George Leloudas, provides mooting training to LLM students. The students also benefited from training sessions delivered by  barristers, such as Peter McDonald Eggers QC, throughout the year.

Following 3 months of intensive training, 19 LLM students participated in the LLM Internal Moot Competition. The final was held at the School’s Moot Court on 5 March 2014 where Marilena Papagrigoraki and Ignacio Aristegui faced Jonas Jansen and Charalambos Pogiatzis to moot the finer points of contract formation. The competition was presided over by Professor Baris Soyer, Dr George Leloudas and Dr Theodora Nikaki. Following strenuous questioning Mr Jensen and Mr Pogiatzis were declared the winners of the LLM Moot Competition 2013-14, having impressed the judges with their structured submissions and ability to defend their points. Although her team lost the moot with a small margin, Miss Papagrigoraki was identified by the arbitrators as the best mooter on the day.

LLM Mooting photo with winning team 2014













  The winners of the Internal Moot with Dr Leloudas, Dr Nikaki and Mr Sebastian Meyer

Dr Leloudas said that the Moot Competition was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for both the students and the staff who selflessly gave their time acting as arbitrators during the three rounds of the Competition. I was particularly pleased to see a large number of students coming to watch the Final and support their peers. This very positive reception from our student community is a testament to the quality of the Competition and encourages us to pursue similar initiatives in the years to come. It  also prepares the background for the National Moot Competition on Commercial/Maritime Law that the College of Law will hold on 21-23 June 2014. This event is sponsored by 7 King’s Bench Walk and Informa Law and the Final will be held in London at 7 King’s Bench Walk.

LLM Mooting photo with best mooter 2014

 The best mooter with Dr Leloudas, Dr Nikaki and Mr Sebastian Meyer