IP Wales Grant Supports Cyber Essential Plus Accreditation

We are delighted to announce that Boyns Information Systems, a Welsh supplier of IT related products and services, has become the latest Welsh SME to receive our IP Wales cybersecurity reimbursement grant in support of them securing their own cyber essential plus accreditation.

Boyns Security IP Wales ‌IP Wales, a constituent member of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, launched the grant scheme earlier this year. The online initiative aims to help businesses protect their intellectual property online.

Rob Boyns, Director of Boyns Information Systems said: “Reading the IP Wales SME Guide to IP Cybersecurity helped increase our awareness on the importance of cyber security in the field intellectual property. As a result, we have adopted new methodologies and processes to allow Boyns Information Systems to grow our cyber security infrastructure, whilst protecting us from online harm. Being awarded the IP Wales grant assisted our bid to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, preparing us more fully to mitigate any cyber-attack.”

Andrew Beale OBE, Director of IP Wales said: “Data is the catalyst which drives our Information Age and firms need to identify that, in addition to the personal data held on customers, their own trade secret data is both valuable and susceptible to online attack.

“Increasing cybersecurity protection is the only practical pre-emptive solution to risk managing this real and ever-increasing danger.

“We are delighted, therefore, that our award-winning business support project IP Wales could offer meaningful financial support to Boyns Information Systems in securing their own Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, especially given their ability to now help other firms in Wales secure the same cybersecurity protection."

For more information on IP cybersecurity protection see: https://www.ipcybersecurity.com