International Conference ‘Regulating the Global Economy’

Swansea University College of Law and Criminology, the Centre for Global Legal Priorities, and Turku University held a joint international conference on Regulating the Global Economy.

The conference explored whether greater regulation of the global economy is needed, and what the structure of such regulation could and should be, across its drivers, normative parameters, modalities, and sectors.

Regulating the Economy Lecture - 1






Participants attending the conference in the Council Chamber of Singleton Abbey


The conference brought together speakers from the internal and external faculty of Swansea University, of Turku University, with leading experts in the field. Among the speakers were Prof Anne van Aaken (St Gallen), Prof Mads Andenas (Oslo), Honorary Prof Christoph Benedict (Swansea), Associate Prof Arwel Davies (Swansea), Prof John Harrington (Cardiff), Prof Qingjiang Kong (China University of Political Science and Law), Prof Karen Morrow (Swansea), Prof Tuomas Mylly (Turku), Prof Stefan Oeter (Hamburg), Prof Dennis Patterson (EUI, Swansea), Prof Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (EUI), Prof Volker Röben (Swansea), Prof Anthony Sebok (Cardozo, Swansea), Prof Jukka Snell (Turku, Swansea), Prof Peter Such (Cardiff), Prof Christian Tietje (Halle), Prof Joel Trachtman (Tufts University, Swansea) and Prof Jan Wouters (Leuven).

Regulating the Economy Lecture - 2





Professor Evans opening the conference prior to the first session chaired by Associate Professor Alison Perry and Professor Dennis Patterson preparing to deliver his paper


Professor Elwen Evans, Head of the College of Law and Criminology, and Professor Martin Stringer, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Swansea University, addressed the conference and chaired sessions. Associate Professor Alison Perry, Joint Head of the Department of Legal Studies of the College, chaired the first session of the conference.‌‌

Regulating the Economy Lecture - 4






Professors Mylly, Kong, and Ma and Dr Minnerop-Röben discussing during a break.


Professors Röben and Trachtman will jointly edit the conference volume, to be published by a leading international law publisher.