The World Food Programme (WFP) of the United Nations is the world’s largest humanitarian aid organisation that currently provides food aid to 81 million people in 75 countries around the world.

Most of that food aid is provided by sea under a charterparty contract that has unique terms that enable WFP to redirect shipments as and when political events (such as the war in Syria) and natural emergencies (such as the earthquake in Haiti) occur.

IISTL Links with Industry

 Francisco Camp Bas and Richard Williams at the meeting of the WFP

Our longest serving member, Richard Williams has been associated with WFP for nearly 40 years and throughout that time assisted WFP not only to deal with claims but also to amend and update its contracts. In 1999 he assisted WFP to draft its standard “Worldfood 99” charter under which 2-3 million tons of food aid is carried annually to all parts of the world and is currently a member of the committee that is redrafting an update of that charter under the auspices of BIMCO, the world’s largest shipowner representative organisation.

The committee also consists of representatives of WFP, BIMCO, ship owners, P&I clubs and brokers. The most recent meeting took place at WFP headquarters in Rome and the next meeting will be at the BIMCO headquarters in Denmark.

 Francisco Bas

 Francisco Camp Bas

The Institute’s links with WFP ensures that Swansea LLM students are offered internship opportunities during the summer break. Recently, a Swansea LLM student, Francisco Camp Bas, has been offered an internship at Rome for 3 months and following that has now been employed by WFP as a lawyer in Rome.