The Institute of International Shipping Law (IISTL) opened its 2013 season with a bang when it co-convened a major symposium on “Reforming Commercial and Marine Insurance Law” with the Law Commission.

The event, held at the headquarters of the Association of British Insurers in the City, subjected the proposals of the Law Commission for reform of this vital part of the law to effective and expert analysis. Bringing together leading speakers and an audience of 120 representative of all sides of the insurance industry, provided an opportunity to share the research conducted within  the IISTL with policy-makers and interested parties, as well as a fertile field for the exchange of ideas.


Insurance Law Reform 2013 Panel 4














From Left to Right: Guy Blackwood (Quandrant Chambers), Claire Blanchard QC (Essex Court Chambers), Lord Justice Longmore, Professor Baris Soyer (IISTL), David Hertzell (Law Commission)

 In addition to significant contributions from Professors Soyer, Tettenborn and Thomas from the IISTL, a number of leading commentators and practitioners also delivered papers at the event, including David Hertzell (the Law Commissioner responsible), three silks and a top junior at the Bar (Simon Rainey QC (Quadrant Chambers), Peter McDonald-Eggers QC (7 King’s Bench Walk), Claire Blanchard QC (Essex Court Chambers), and Guy Blackwood (Quadrant Chambers)), together with Paul Maynard (Willis Group) and Mr John Hurell (Airmic). Lord Justice Longmore chaired the proceedings along with Peter Rogan (Ince & Co) and Stephen Lewis (Clyde & Co). The closing speech was delivered by Professor Francis Rose, editor of Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, which has happily agreed to publish a number of the papers presented in a special issue. An enjoyable, productive and thought-provoking, but nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable, day concluded with a cocktail reception.

 Insurance Law Reform 2013 Panel 5













From Left to Right: Andrew Wales QC (7 King’s Bench Walk), Peter Rogan (Ince & Co), Simon Rainey QC (Quadrant Chambers), David Hertzell (Law Commission)

Commenting on the symposium Professor Soyer, Director of the IISTL, said: “This was a very successful event that gave us an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent that we have at the IISTL, and in addition to be of service to the commercial insurance community by contributing to the ongoing project of law reform in the area. It has been a great pleasure to welcome so many interested experts from all over the insurance industry. And what is especially gratifying is to see the enthusiastic response of the London market to the programme of events organised by the IISTL – of which this is merely the most recent in an exciting series organised throughout the course of 2013. There is no doubt whatever that our work is held in high esteem by commentators, practitioners and policy-makers”.

 The next IISTL event takes place on 9 May, again in the City, this time at the offices of Hill Dickinson LLP. It takes the form of an expert seminar entitled “Coping with Sanctions – The Effect on Shipping and Trade Law”, a sell-out affair featuring contributions from leading academics and practitioners.