Financial boost for research into countering violent extremism

Congratulations are in order for criminology lecturer Dr Lella Nouri who has secured her first ever source of external funding as an early-career researcher.

Dr Nouri, a specialist in cyberterrorism, terrorist use of the internet, far-right extremism and member of the Cyberterrorism Research Project, has been awarded AU$8260.49 (just under £5,000). The funding from the Global Issues Practice Centre at Edith Cowan University in Australia will be used to pilot a project to develop research entitled Developing Interdisciplinary and Industry Collaboration to Tackle Far-Right Extremist Use of Social Media for Propaganda and Recruitment.

Lella Nouri

The project will utilise the industry experience of social media analysis expert Blurrt to capture conversation and engagement around far-right extremist groups’ social media usage and deepen understanding of how propaganda is released, disseminated and spread on social media, and how different platforms are used to achieve different goals.

The funding is a fantastic achievement for Dr Nouri and the College as it will further strengthen the partnership between the Cyberterrorism Project and Edith Cowan University.

Dr Nouri said: “This is an excellent opportunity for the Cyberterrorism Project’s research into far right extremist groups. Due to the growing and challenging issues that the Far Right extremist movement is bringing to the UK and Australia, from a rise in Islamophobia, anti-immigration sentiment and hate crime to a number of both planned and orchestrated violent attacks, this is a significant piece of research that seeks to address one of the wider challenges affecting society.

“Whilst a great deal of work has looked into the discussion forums of these groups on their ‘cloaked websites’, such as Stormfront, analysis is missing on their sustained and growing use of more mainstream social media sites. In order to close this gap, this project seeks to bring together collaborators from a variety of disciplines and institutions to work together on understanding and hence combating this threat.”

Congratulations, Dr Nouri!

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