Dr Yvonne McDermott Rees presents at Oxford discussion group

On Thursday 18 January, Dr. Yvonne McDermott Rees, Associate Professor at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, presented to the Public International Law discussion group at Oxford University on 'Proving International Crimes'.

The talk was based on Dr. McDermott Rees's current research into how international criminal tribunals assess, weigh, and evaluate the huge volumes of evidence presented in the course of their trials.

Dr McDermott Rees argued that, whilst rules of admissibility have been subjected to a great deal of academic commentary, many key debates relating to proof in international criminal trials have remained under-theorised to date. This paper attempted to address that gap by discussing the evaluation of evidence in international criminal trials. It argued that, despite over two decades of practice in contemporary international criminal tribunals, no consistent approach as to how judges should weigh evidence and use it for fact-finding has emerged. The quality of evidence required to meet the standard of proof at different stages of proceedings remains uncertain. Furthermore, Dr McDermott Rees argued the structure of international criminal judgments can detract from the clarity of their findings, and this in turn has an impact on their legal and sociological legitimacy.

Yvonne McDermott Proving International Crimes TalkDr Yvonne McDermott Rees speaking the the Oxford PIL Discussion Group in the Old Library at All Souls College