Criminology Multi-Agency Research Internship Scheme symposium


Symposium Friday, 1st May 2015

Swansea University (Venue TBC)

Refreshments from 1.30pm with the symposium beginning at 2.00pm

Shifting Perceptions: Messages from Young People Focused Research

You are warmly invited to attend the third annual Criminology Multi-Agency Research Internship Scheme symposium which will be held on Friday, 1st May 2015 at Swansea University. The symposium is an event that may be of interest to policy makers, youth workers, youth justice officers, academics/researchers and those who provide services to children, young people and families.

This year’s symposium will focus upon the ways that perceptions of young people and responses to their needs are changing (and being changed) through shifts in policy and practice, for example, by the adoption of child-rights focused approaches.

At the symposium key findings from research undertaken by Interns hosted by partner agencies in Swansea will be presented concerning:

-Whether implementation of the Rights Respecting Schools programme creates positive outcomes for children

-Changes that occur in policing practice towards young people following the involvement of Officers in multi-agency practice

-The views of young people and practitioners concerning why attitudes to substance use change as young people grow older Young people’s opinions of the extent to which local policing practice keep them and their communities safe. In addition to presentation of the above findings, previous Multi-Agency Research Internship Scheme participants will present on their on-going involvement in research after leaving Swansea University. There will also be an opportunity for new partners to join the Multi-Agency Research Internship Scheme.

Places at this event are limited,and we would be grateful if agencies and officers could please indicate whether they can attend this event as soon as possible. Could all potential attendees please e-mail the Research Internship Co-ordinator, Dr. Anthony Charles at

Additionally, since refreshments will be provided, it would be appreciated if any dietary needs could be specified. For further information: Criminology Multi-Agency Research Internship Scheme symposium