Award success for LLM students

We are pleased to announce that three of our LLM students have had their hard work recognised by major City law firms.

Holman Fenwick Willan Prizes

Recognising the role that the College plays in educating the next generation of shipping, trade and commercial lawyers, global law firm Holman Fenwick Willan (HFW) awards "HFW Prizes” of £500 for the best performance in three key LLM subjects: Admiralty, Oil and Gas, and Carriage of Goods.

This year's Admiralty HFW Prize winner is Sonja Lorentzen, whilst Mss Sylwia P Zwolan and Ioanna Tsoka carried off the Oil and Gas and Carriage of Goods HFW Prizes, respectively. The awards will be presented in HFW's London headquarters this August.

 "I have had an amazing time in Swansea. Socially, I have met people from all over the world whom I would otherwise not have met, and I have made friends for life. Academically, it has been both a challenging and rewarding year. Our professors have not only provided us a theoretical insight into the shipping world, but also a practical one. Furthermore, I would like to thank HFW for the wonderful initiative of rewarding prizes to students in various modules. It serves as an added motivation, and I am very grateful for being in the fortunate position of receiving the HFW prize in Admiralty Law. It is the cherry on top of the pie after a tough exam period!"

Sonja Lorentzen, graduate of the Artic University of Tromso  

"The LLM program at Swansea University is first class. I learnt to see legal issues in a new and different way through amazing lectures with renowned tutors. This course offered an exciting and refreshing window into a different legal world, way of thinking, and understanding of law. Attending the LLM modules as a student, provided me with a unique opportunity to absorb the specialities features of the International Commercial and Maritime program. Furthermore,  it has also greatly enriched my own personal development. I was honoured to receive the Holman Fenwick and Willan Prize for the best performance in Oil and Gas Law: Contracts and Liabilities. I believe that the LLM program has provided a magnificent contribution to my legal career and will no doubt help me to distinguish myself in the legal profession."  

Sylwia Zwolan, graduate of Warsaw University

Ince Prize 

In 2008, the global shipping law firm, Ince & Co, generously instituted an annual prize for the student with the highest overall grade in the taught element of any of the Swansea LLM Programmes involving Maritime or Commercial Law.

The winner of the Ince Prize for 2016/17 is Ms Ioanna Tsoka, originally from Greece and currently completing an LLM in International Maritime Law. Having attained an enviable straight run of distinctions in three subjects (Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air, Charterparties and Marine Insurance), it has been announced in July that Ioanna will be receiving the Ince & Co Prize at a ceremony to be held in London at the Head Office of the firm.  

"Studying my LLM in International Maritime Law in Swansea University was an unforgettable, enriching and intellectually stimulating experience. Being taught by exceptional and extremely specialized academics who have all contributed to various sectors of Maritime Law, I gained valuable knowledge in a wide variety of issues in the maritime field. Moreover, the well-structured as well as demanding program greatly enhanced my time management and ability to work under pressure providing me with necessary tools for professional development. In such a challenging and intense environment it is a great honor to be awarded a prize by Ince & Co, a leading international law firm."

Ioanna Tsoka


Congratulations to our award winners and well done to all our master's students this year!

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