Associate Professor Rick Lines received positive review on his new book

Dr. Lines’ new book was published in July 2017, and is entitled “Drug Control and Human Right in international Law”.

Rick Lines Book

Human rights violations occurring as a consequence of drug control and enforcement are a growing concern. Tracing the evolution of international drug control law, Dr. Lines’ book explores the tensions between the regime’s humanitarian aspirations, and its suppression of a common human behaviour as a form of ‘evil’.

Drawing on domestic, regional and international examples and case law, it presents the idea of a development of a dynamic, human rights-based approach to resolve tensions in this area, in a way that safeguards human rights.

In a recent review published in the Rutgers Review of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books, the book was described as:

‘…well written, accessible and interesting account that is a genuinely difficult book to put down. The legal discussions are easy to follow for a non-lawyer, and the two chapters of concise historical context mean that the reader does not need prior knowledge of the history of global drug prohibition.’

Speaking of the review, Dr. Lines said:

“I’m really pleased to see by book so warmly reviewed by Dr James Windle in the Rutgers Review of Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books.  I hope that the review helps widen the profile of the book among students and academics interested in health and human rights-based drug policies”

You can find the review, in full, online.