Swansea Law School organised a reception for its postgraduate alumni in London on board HMS Belfast, a stone's throw from Tower Bridge and directly facing the City where many of those attending were busy pursuing their professional careers.

Despite the onset of autumn, the weather was excellent and everyone was able to spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening in the open on the main deck.  Large numbers of Swansea graduates, now young professionals working not only in the City but in other major commercial centres, such as Antwerp, Hong Kong and Oslo, had an unrivalled opportunity to chat with ex-classmates (and those who taught them) and catch up with developments in Swansea since they left it. They were delighted -- though not particularly surprised -- to hear that the Law School was now in the top 20 in the UK in terms of teaching excellence; that the overwhelming majority of its research was classed as having international recognition; and that substantial numbers of new appointments had been made in the last few years, bringing established names to Swansea in such a way as to cement its position as the leading academic centre in commercial and maritime law.   


LLM alumni event (2)

From left to right: Florian Schacker (trainee at Ince & Co.), Kristoffer Snaprud Johannessen (Skuld), Professor Richard Wiliams, Liza Yurina (Xchanging  Claims), Shev Algama (The Shipowner's Club), Qi Qi (Casona Global Commodities)

Talking after the event, Prof Bariş Soyer, Head of Postgraduate Legal Studies, said he was delighted with the turn-out and commented: “For an academic, it is gratifying to see our students doing so well so soon in their professional lives.  We are very proud of them. The event has clearly demonstrated that Swansea is playing more than its part in developing the next generation of commercial and maritime lawyers. I should add that we have held similar alumni events as far away as Athens and Shanghai. From these it is increasingly obvious that Swansea is a global player in postgraduate legal education. Our graduates get not only a rock-solid foundation in commercial or maritime law, but also a vast network of contacts which put them in a favourable position in the job market and bode well for future business.”

LLM alumni event 2013 (6)















From left to right:  Rui Hao( Richards Hogg Lindley, (Charles Taylor Plc)),  Professor Bariş Soyer (Head of the Department of Postgraduate Legal Studies) and David Vajnai (Marsh Marine)

Andrew Beale OBE, sub-dean of Swansea College of Law, was also there. He was quick to pay tribute, not only to the alumni, but to all those involved in teaching on the Swansea LLM. "It is their single-minded dedication to excellence," he said, "which is what makes Swansea LLM unique and a global force in postgraduate education.”