12th IISTL Annual International Colloquium on Charterparties (15-16 September 2016)

This is the twelfth International Colloquium organised by the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at College of Law and Criminology, Swansea University.

Charterparty contracts form a vital part of international trade where big money turns on the reading of little words. Many of the basic forms have been fairly standardised for fifty years or more: nevertheless, charters remain a kind of contract more productive of disputes than almost any other, whether arising from issues of interpretation, changes in practice or simply from a desire by one or other party to escape from a deal which looked good at the time but now promises to be ruinous. Moreover, since charters are one of the few parts of English law where almost absolute freedom of contract prevails, general principles of contract law take on an enormous importance.

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