Ritika - Law Student

What do you do in the Clinical Legal Education (CLE) Module?

The CLE module provides a pathway to apply the theoretical knowledge learned during the past 2 years to the practical world. It involves meetings with clients in a professional zone, interviewing them, show-casing and working on skills such as active listening, active communication, empathy, drafting advice letters, and self-reflection.

In the module overall, not only do you get to meet with clients, interview them, and take notes; but you also get an opportunity to research and draft advice letters for the client.

Your role as a module rep on the Client Student Board

I have been so lucky to have been able to represent the module on the Client Student Board. My role is to communicate what would help improve the module/ professor-student relationship. To provide support to students on the course, but also to set out clear expectations to and for the clients.

law student Ritika