Advice From Someone Who Came Through Clearing For Law

Author: Billy Seagrim, Senior Lecturer in Law

Hello, I'm Billy, and I’m a Senior Lecturer at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law.

Having come through the Clearing system myself for my law degree at Swansea University, I am able to share some useful hints and tips with you, to help you secure your place at university.

My Background

I came through Clearing as I didn’t get the grades to study at my first choice university. When studying for my A-Levels, I spent a lot of time travelling and competing in martial arts, and unfortunately that resulted in my grades not being what I’d hoped.

I was familiar with Swansea and its beautiful location, had visited the campus before, and it wasn’t too far from home, so I decided to do some further research, and ended up applying and being accepted to study law here.

Firstly, Don't Panic, We Are Here To Help

You may not have got the results you were hoping for, or maybe you have had a last minute change of heart about your future, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still study law this autumn. We are here to help, and will provide you with the knowledge you need to secure your place at university through Clearing. It may seem as though it’s a very stressful time right now, but coming through Clearing definitely doesn’t spell the end of your legal career.

What Do You Need For Clearing?

I’d like to help you take some of the stress out of Clearing, so I have answered some common queries and provided some additional information, to hopefully help you prepare for Clearing and make the best out of the process.

Clearing Places Available

Our law programmes have Clearing places available for you to join us this September. Find out more by viewing our course pages: