Research Profile


Air cargo insurance (Informa Law from Routledge 2016) (with Professor Malcolm Clarke) 

Risk and Liability in Air Law (Informa Law 2009)


"International Air Cargo in Time of Crisis: Global Challenges and Modal Shift Provide Transformational Opportunity in Commerce and Law” Air & Space Law45(6), 563 (with Dan Soffin)

“Aircraft non-consensual rights under English Law and the Cape Town Convention” (forthcoming, 2021).

 “Automated Vehicles and Third-Party Liability: A European Perspective” (2020) Journal of Law, Technology & Policy 101 (with Dr M Chatzipanagiotis).

 “Carriage of passengers by sea and air: to what extent can the international regime deliver?” (2018) Michigan State University International Law Review 26 (with Professor B Soyer) .

“Tackling illegal fishing – Developing a holistic legal response” (2018) Transnational Environmental Law 7 (with Professor B Soyer and Dr D Miller).

“Cutting a lifeline to maritime crime: marine insurance and IUU fishing” 14 (2016) Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 357 (with D Miller, U R Sumaila, D Copeland, D Zeller, B Soyer, Th Nikaki, S T Fjellberg, R Singleton, D Pauly).

“Door to door application of the international air law conventions: commercially convenient, but judicially dubious” (2015) LMCLQ 368.  

“Diplomatic Conference, ICAO Montreal, April 2009” (2009) European Journal of Commercial Contract Law 102 (with S Gates) . 

“DVT litigation – The end of the runway” (2005) International Travel Law Journal 119 (with S Gates)

Book Chapters

“Cyber Risks, Autonomous Operations and Risk Perceptions: Is a New Liability Paradigm Required?” in B Soyer and A Tettenborn (eds) in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Shipping. Developing the International Legal Framework (Hart Publishing, 2021)

“The regulation of drones and robotics in ship operations” in B Soyer and A Tettenborn (eds) “Disruptive Technologies and Climate Change in Shipping” (Informa Law from Routledge, 2021).

“The Future Challenges of Airlines’ Liability Insurance Law” in B Havel and J Prassl (eds) Elgar Research Handbook on International Aviation Law (Elgar, 2020).

“The role of insurance in sanctions’ regimes” in B Soyer and A Tettenborn (eds) “Ship Operations: New Risks, Liabilities and Technologies in the Maritime Sector” (Informa Law from Routledge, 2020).

“Emerging Regulatory Response to IUU Fishing” in R Caddell and E Molenaar (eds.) Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans (Hart Publishing 2019). (with Professor B Soyer and Dr R Caddell) 

“The Legacy of the Dinosaurs: Regulation of Planetary Defence and Near-Earth Objects at a Global Level” in G Kyriakopoulos and M Manolis (eds) The Space Treaties at Crossroads. Considerations de lege ferenda (Springer, 2019) (with Dr M Chatzipanagiotis and K Liperi).

“The English law on secured transactions as compared with the Cape Town Convention” in Prof. S. Kozuka (ed) Implementing the Cape Town Convention and the domestic laws of secured transactions: adaptations to the development of asset-based finance (Springer, 2017).

“Contracting out of the Insurance Act 2015” in M Clarke and B Soyer (eds) The Insurance Act 2015- A New Regime for Commercial and Marine Insurance Law (Informa Law from Routledge, 2016)

 “The response of the European Union to terrorism risk events in the field of aviation” in P Dempsey and R Jakhu (eds.) Handbook of Public International Air Law (Routledge, 2016)

“Standard Contracts Used in Offshore Insurance Sector: Clear and Unambiguous?” in B Soyer and ATettenborn (eds) Offshore Contracts and Liabilities (Informa Law from Routledge, 2015) (with Prof B Soyer) 

“Multimodal Transport under the Warsaw and Montreal Convention Regimes: A Velvet Revolution?” in B Soyer and A.Tettenborn (eds) Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air: Unimodal and Multimodal Transport in 21stCentury (Informa Law from Routledge, 2014)

Wider Research Interests

Carriage of Passengers and Goods by Air and Road 

Multimodal Transport Law

Insurance Law

Aircraft Finance Law 

Private International Law

Arbitration Law 

Tort Law