Carriage of Goods-Sea Transport and Beyond (2012)

Carriage of Goods-Sea Transport and Beyond (2012)

The IISTL Stages Yet Another Impressive Event

Swansea Law School's Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law held its 8th Annual International Colloquium at Swansea on 6-7 September 2012. This year's event was dedicated to carriage by sea and other modes of transport and the relations between them; as ever, it created lively debate not only on carriers and cargo owners, but on the legal position of market participants such as terminal operators, freight forwarders and cargo insurers.

Multimodal Colloquium-Blair (1)  

From left to right: Mr Simon Rainey QC (Quadrant Chambers), The Hon Mr Justice Blair,  Mr Frank Stevens (Roosendaal Kezer Advocaten, Antwerp)


The meeting, very generously sponsored by Informa Publishing Ltd, attracted a record number of delegates to Swansea from the UK, Europe and beyond. Papers, presented by academics, practitioners and industry experts, included:

Mr Simon Baughen (Reader in Law, Bristol University)-  Legal Position of Terminal Operators

Dr Ellen Eftestøl-Wilhelmsson (University of Helsinki and Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law)- EU Developments in Multimodal Transport

Mr Christopher Hancock QC (20 Essex Street, London)-  Multimodal Carriage and Limitation

Dr Marian Hoeks (Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam)- CMR Convention from a Continental Perspective

Dr George Leloudas (IISTL, Swansea University)- Multimodal Transport under the Warsaw and Montreal Convention Regimes

Mr Craig Neame (Partner, Holman, Fenwick & Willan, London)- Who Contracts With Whom? A Case Study: Far East Imports

Dr Theodora Nikaki (IISTL, Swansea University)- Is There A Need for A Distinct Legal Regime for Carriage of Goods by Land?

Mr Simon Rainey QC (Quadrant Chambers, London)- Impact of Piracy on Carriage of Goods by Sea

Professor Francis Reynolds QC (University of Oxford)- Legal Position of Freight Forwarders

Mr Dan Soffin (Solicitor, Gates & Partners, London & New York)- Integrating International Air and Road Carriage: Operational and Liability Issues

Professor Barış Soyer (IISTL, Swansea University)- Cargo Insurance and Multimodal Transport

Mr Frank Stevens (Roosendaal Kezer Advocaten, Antwerp)- Liability for Defective Containers  

Professor Andrew Tettenborn (IISTL, Swansea University)- Bills of Lading and Multimodal Transport Documents

Professor D. Rhidian Thomas (IISTL, Swansea University)- The Role of Transport Documents in Multimodal Transport

Professor Richard Williams (IISTL, Swansea University)- Liability of Carriers and Subcontractors under the Rotterdam Rules-

Multimodal Colloquium (Nikaki) (M)  

From left to Right: Dr Marian Hoeks (Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam)- Mr Simon Rainey QC (Quadrant Chambers, London) and Dr Theodora Nikaki (IISTL, Swansea University)

The Hon Mr Justice Blair was actively involved in the discussions, and chaired one of the sessions. Commenting on the event afterwards, Professor B. Soyer, the Director of the IISTL, said: “The IISTL Colloquia, first launched in 2005, have swiftly established themselves as a highlight of the academic programme concerning maritime law in Europe. It gives us a great pleasure to make a contribution to the maritime learning and practice by holding this event. The significant increase in the number of delegates attending this year’s Colloquium is a clear indication that the IISTL is a leading player in maritime education and that the maritime sector fully embraces the IISTL and its ethos.”

The papers presented at the event will, as always, were published by Informa Publishing Ltd in 2012  a book titled Carriage of Goods by Sea, Land and Air; Uni-modal and Multi-modal Transport in the 21st Century