Is your business cyber secure?

Cyber risk has been identified as one of the largest risks to commercial entities worldwide.

Many businesses feel they are too small to present an attractive target to a cyber-criminal. Unfortunately, this approach can make them prime targets.

Your business may be at risk of a cyber-attack if you engage in any one of the following basic business activities:

  • Use email
  • Hold customer data
  • Have a website
  • Take online payments

Our Aim:

Together with our partners Thomas Carroll and Wolfberry, we are evaluating how you can best protect yourselves against cyber risks. To this end, we shall be holding cyber-awareness events and training across Wales. These events will give you essential information that could prove vital in protecting your business from cyber-risk. Our experts will offer simple yet effective advice on staying secure, with opportunities to discuss the best approach for your business with emphasis on protection and cyber risk insurance.