Undoing Devolution by the Back Door?

Monday 11th July 2022, 10:30am-6.30pm
Richard Price Building, Swansea University, Singleton Campus, SA2 8PP

This one-day conference, funded by the Society of Legal Scholars Small Projects and Events Fund, will focus on UK Internal Market Act’s potentially far-reaching impact on the UK’s devolution arrangements. The event brings together a range of perspectives and disciplines to discuss the legal, political, economic, and other impacts of the Act on devolution and devolved governance.  

Confirmed Speakers:

Rick Rawlings (UCL)
The Brexit dividend? Some reflections on reregulation

Harry Thompson (Institute of Welsh Affairs)
Set up to fail: The UKIMA in context, where Welsh economic governance is and where it needs to be

Jo Hunt (Cardiff)
Common Frameworks: Internal Market Governance by Collaboration rather than Conflict?

Jan Zglinski (LSE)
The New UK Internal Market: Rights, Politics, and Devolution

Anurag Deb (QUB) and Nicholas Kilford (Cambridge)
UKIMA 2020, Devolution and the Nature of Competence

Gareth Evans (Swansea)
Devolution and Declaratory Judgements

Lisa Whitten (QUB)
Northern Ireland and the UK Internal Market: the exception that disproves the rules?

Chris McCorkindale (Strathclyde)
Regulation without consent: the Internal Market Act and Devolution

Registration is free for in-person or online attendance.

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