Current PhD projects in Modern Languages

  • Sayeed MATHATH: ‘Hybridity in Merchant-Ivory's Indian Films: From The Householder to Heat and Dust’ (J. Preece, T. Cheesman)
  • Rachel MORGAN: ‘Rosas and Peron in the Contemporary Argentine Novel’ (L. Davies, F. Lopez-Terra)
  • Aisa PESSAGNO-DELBOY: ‘Women seen through Peruvian Cinema and Literature’ (J. Rydzewska, L. Davies)


PhDs in Modern Languages awarded since 2010


Katie JONES: ‘Feminine Subjects and the Gendered Imagination: Confession in Twentieth-Century English and German Language Literature’ (J. Preece, M.-L. Kohlke)

Helen SNAITH: ‘A study of Angela Carter's work written during her time in Japan from 1969 to 1972’ (J. Preece, R. Robinson)


Anna-Lou DIJKSTRA: ‘Wales in Continental Guidebooks (1850-2013): A Country on the Imaginative Periphery’ (K. Jones, D. Williams)

Daniel GERKE: ‘Raymond Williams and European Marxism: Lukács, Sartre, Gramsci’ (J. Preece, D. Williams)

Shareena HAMZAH: ‘Fetishism and Fluidity: Jeanette Winterson's Narratives of Diverse Pleasure and Desire’ (B. Haines, S. Vine)

Katie McERLAIN: ‘Female Role-Play in Golden Age Drama: The Approach of Calderón with Comparative Perspectives on Shakespeare and Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz’ (L. Davies, D. Connon)

Laura WEBB: ‘Redefining Testimonio: The enduring significance of testimonial production in contemporary Argentina’ (L. Davies, A. Williams)


Luke EDWARDS: ‘Watching the Unwatchable: Contemporary Extreme Cinema and its Pleasures’ (J. Preece, J. Rydzewska)

Aled REES: ‘Literal and Metaphorical Spaces at the Margins: Marginalisation in Contemporary Colombian Literature’ (L. Davies, G. Lublin)

Jenny WATSON: ‘Affective Affinities: Memory, Empathy and the Weight of History in the work of Herta Müller’ (B. Haines, K. Hall)


Annett KAMINSKI: ‘The Use of Singing, Storytelling and Chanting in the Primary EFL Classroom: Aesthetic Experience and Participation in FL Learning’ (J. Preece, C. Tschichold)


Anne WHITE: ‘Adapting the Heroic German in post-1990 World War Two Films: From Schindler’s Ark to Valkyrie’ (J. Preece, S. McVeigh)


Seiriol DAFYDD: ‘Intercultural and Intertextual Encounters in Michael Roes' Travel Fiction’ (J. Preece, B. Haines)


Anna ONSLOW: ‘Love and the Tema Vital in the Poetry of Pedro Salinas’ (D. Walters, D. George)


Marya VRBA: ‘The Literary Dream in German Central Europe, 1900 – 1925’ (D. Large, J. Preece)


Patricia RODRÍGUEZ-MARTÍNEZ: ‘Poeta afrocolombiano, Juan Zapata Olivella, el “guerrero pacifista” de Colombia’ (L. Davies, D. Gagen)

Sophie SMITH: ‘Malady and Mal(e)contents: Negotiations of Masculinity in Francophone Men's Wrting’ (N. Cooper, K. Jones)