PhD in Welsh and/or Modern Languages and Translation

Contact: Tom Cheesman (; Lloyd Davies (; Salwa El-Awa (; Brigid Haines (; Tudur Hallam (; Kathryn Jones (; Stephen Morris (; Gwynedd Parry (; Julian Preece (

The successful candidate will help shape the future direction of two collaborating departments – Welsh and Modern Languages – which are sites of internationally-recognised, multi-disciplinary research, in a unique national context where not only bilingualism is promoted and celebrated, but the learning of languages other than English and Welsh is strongly valued and supported.

Welsh/ML regularly host eminent writers from all over the world and support a vibrant research culture offering opportunities for training, networking, work placements and volunteering with multilingual local communities.

World-leading research areas welcoming PhD students include: Creative Writing (Welsh); Literary/cultural/film/theatre studies in Welsh, European languages, Arabic; Welsh sociolinguistics; Bi/Multilingualism; Language planning; Travel writing; Translingual fiction; Eco-criticism; Literary translation/Translation; Applied linguistics; Stylistics;

Supported by these research centres and groups: Centre for Contemporary German Culture; Centre for the Comparative Study of Portugal, Spain and the Americas; Centre on Digital Arts and Humanities; Swansea Translation and Interpreting Group; Language Research Centre, Richard Burton Centre for the Study of Wales.

AHRC/ESRC-funded projects include: Bilingual British Writers project; CorCenCC Welsh Corpus Project; Celtic Consortium; European Travellers to Wales.

Supervision offered in English, Welsh, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish.