a visual representation of the places Mandarin is spoken as the primary language

Mandarin is available via our Languages for All programme, and can be studied alongside French, German, Italian and Spanish on our BA Modern Languages programme. Our BA Modern Languages offers a broad-based curriculum with pathways in Culture, Education and Translation. Mandarin is taught principally by Dr Sabrina Wang, a specialist in Interpreting, who will be joined in September 2019 by a new colleague.

For native speakers of Mandarin, usually studying at our Chinese partner universities, we also offer BA English-Chinese Translating and Interpreting.

All students of Mandarin can take part in the weekly Café Cha Cha where they practise their language skills with exchange students from China. Students can also join the University Chinese Society.

Native speakers can also specialise in Mandarin on the MA degrees in Translation and Interpreting and Professional Translation, which also have options of internships and study abroad. We have a thriving community of postgraduate research students working on topics involving Mandarin in Translation and Interpreting.