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Languages for All (LFA)

If you want to work, study or travel abroad, language skills can help you to do this. When you apply for jobs, languages skills can be a bonus, setting you apart from other candidates.

Many degree programmes at Swansea University allow students to take optional modules (max. of 20 credits) outside their main discipline as part of their programme of study. Languages for All (LFA) modules are worth 10 credits each and last for one semester, with two contact hours per week.

LFA language modules equip you with practical skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking, allowing you to use the language effectively in everyday situations.

LFA language modules are offered at four levels of competency according to the Common European Framework (CEFR) Levels:

LFA1 Beginner (TB1) A.1 CEFR
LFA2 Beginner (TB2)   A1 CEFR
LFA3 Intermediate (TB1)   A2.1 CEFR
LFA4 Intermediate (TB2)   A2 CEFR

Assessment is by two class tests, there are no final examinations.

Students must choose one language and enrol both in the TB1 and TB2 module in that language, either at Beginner or Intermediate level.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to Academic Regulations, courses are available for credit to Year 1 and Year 2 students only.  Before you apply for an LFA module, please check with your Department that your programme of study allows you to take it and that it fits with your timetable.

LFA – BEGINNERS* (Download the Languages for All Programme

Module CodeTitleCreditsSemester
CY-140 Languages for All – Welsh 1 10 Oct - Dec
CY-141 Languages for All – Welsh 2 10 Feb - May
MLA140/ MLAM140** Languages for All - Arabic 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLA141/ MLAM141** Languages for All - Arabic 2 10 Feb - May
MLF140 Languages for All – French 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLF141 Languages for All – French 2 10 Feb - May
MLG140 Languages for All – German 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLG141 Languages for All – German 2 10 Feb - May
MLI140 Languages for All – Italian 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLI141 Languages for All – Italian 2 10 Feb - May
MLS140 Languages for All – Spanish 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLS141 Languages for All – Spanish 2 10 Feb - May
MLZ140 Languages for All - Mandarin 1 10 Oct - Dec
MLZ141 Languages for All - Mandarin 2 10 Feb - May


Module CodeTitleCreditsTeaching Block
MLF150 Languages for All – French 3 10 Oct - Dec
MLF151                Languages for All – French 4 10 Feb - May
MLG150 Languages for All – German 3 10 Oct - Dec
MLG151 Languages for All – German 4 10 Feb - May
MLI150 Languages for All – Italian 3 10 Oct - Dec
MLI151 Languages for All – Italian 4 10 Feb - May
MLS150 Languages for All – Spanish 3 10 Oct - Dec
MLS151 Languages for All – Spanish 4 10 Feb - May
MLZ150 Languages for All - Mandarin 3 10 Oct - Dec
MLZ151 Languages for All - Mandarin 4 10 Feb - May

*Courses run subject to minimum numbers (6 enrolled students).

**MA students.


If you are a Year 3 student and above, you can take non-credit-bearing language courses.

We offer a number of courses, at different levels, in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. See this web page for more information on Short Language Courses.