Step by step guide

Please note: If you have recently become a line manager, and/or are relinquishing responsibility as a line manager, could you please consider the following actions:

  • Meet with your members of staff on an individual basis to explain that you will be their new line manager/or you will no longer be their line manager. Explain reasons for the change and if you are relinquishing responsibility, advise who the new line manager will be.
  • As a new line manager, to ensure that the review is meaningful, it may be helpful to seek feedback from the previous line manager and utilise any objective data available.

Step 1 Preparation for the face to face Discussion:

  • Confirm the date, time and venue of the face to face interim review meeting with your colleague.

Your colleague will reflect and complete their preparation online as detailed below in italics:

  • Role Profile: No amendments required.
  • Previous Objectives: No amendments required.
  • Previous Objectives: No amendments required.                                                                  
  • Colleagues with Values in their job description only                                                                                                                                Feedback Objectives: In preparation for their annual review, you colleague's “Values Feedback Report” was uploaded into the “Document Uploads” section of their PDR. The “Feedback Objectives” tab allowed your colleague to capture agreed outcomes, actions, support measures and level of commitment in relation to the values feedback. They should take the time to reflect on their progress since your annual PDR in the “Progress Notes” box and using the drop down box options of “Achieved”, “Not Achieved” “Not Applicable” or "On Track" they will update their status against each objective.
  • Current Objectives: They should take the time to reflect on progress since the annual PDR. Using the drop down box options of “Achieved”, “Not Achieved” “Not Applicable”, or "On Track" they will update their status against each objective. In the “Progress Notes” text area, they will capture their evidence in support of their status.
  • Document Uploads: They will upload any information to help your discussion and to ensure they are recognised for progress since their annual PDR.
  • Notes and Messages: They can add a note to send you an email regarding any queries or issues they wish to inform you of.
  • Save: Once they have completed the above, they will press “Save”. They will then click "Send interim request to reviewer" and you will receive an email to inform you that they are ready for you to review their progress notes.

On receipt of this information, please review the content and prepare your thoughts on their progress in preparation for the face to face interim meeting. You may wish to add a note for your colleague via the ‘Notes and Messages’ section on the on-line PDR or talk  directly to your colleague in preparation for your face to face meeting.

Step 2 The Face to Face Meeting:

Review of this year's agreed objectives

  • The interim review is a two way discussion about your colleague’s progress in relation to their agreed objectives from their annual PDR and to consider any further help and guidance required for the remaining review period.
  • It is important that you and your colleague have prepared for the discussion.
  • The discussion should result in a balanced summary, incorporating recognition of progress made, as well as challenging any areas where progress could be improved. It is important that your colleague is encouraged to explore ways in which you believe they can improve.
  • Your colleague should leave this discussion feeling valued, recognised and challenged. They should have a clear understanding of their objectives for the remainder of the review period, expectations required and any appropriate support and development required to achieve them.
  • Agree with your colleague when you plan to have your full annual review, between the 1st September and 30th November.

 For Reviewee's with values in their job descriptions only:

  • Prior to their annual PDR, your reviewee's 'Values Feedback Report' was uploaded into the document uploads section of their PDR. The 'Your Feedback' tab allowed them to capture agreed outcomes, actions support measures and their level of commitment in relation to the values feedback, following on from your Face to Face discussion with them.
  • During the Interim Review Face to Face meeting, you should lead a discussion where they can reflect on their progress regarding their agreed outcomes, actions, support measures and level of commitment in relation to the values feedback since your discussion in the annual PDR. Please capture the discussion in the notes section of the online form.

Step 3 Following the Face to Face Meeting:

Following the face to face meeting, your colleague will complete the following as detailed in italics below:

  • They will amend any areas that you both agreed during the discussion.
  • This can either be completed in the meeting room with you, as long as a PC/Laptop is available or updated in an alternative venue.
  • Once they have completed all agreed amendments, they will press “Save” and should inform you of this.

    On receipt of the above:

  • Review and agree their amendments.
  • Add a summary reflecting the face to face discussion in the notes section.
  • Enter a date in the "Next Main Review Target Date" text box at the top of the form.
  • Tick the box to confirm you have added a summary of the face-to-face meeting. Click the [Process Review] button.
  • Both you and your colleague will be sent a confirmation email with a calendar attachment. You can import the attachment into your Outlook calendar (by double clicking it and clicking on 'Save and Close') to remind you when you should organise the next main review.