The University recognises that members of staff may occasionally need time off work to deal with specific domestic circumstances.

Examples of circumstances where staff may have a right to unpaid time off to deal with urgent personal and domestic circumstances are:

Unpaid Time Off

  • a dependant falls ill, is injured or assaulted, or gives birth (please note specific arrangements for Paternity Leave).
  • childcare or other care arrangements break down, for example, if the childminder or nurse does not turn up.
  • a child is involved in a serious incident at school or during school hours, for example, if the child has been involved in a fight or is distressed.
  • any other emergency situation which arises at short notice over which the staff member has no control.

Time off work is normally limited for a 1 or 2 day period, however, the amount of time off which is granted will depend on the particular circumstances of a case, to deal with the immediate problem and to arrange alternative longer-term care, if necessary.

As soon as reasonably practicable, you should notify your Head of Department of the reason for your absence and, its likely duration. Requests for time off of 1 day or more should be made in writing to the Head of Department who may approve the time off subject to consultation with Human Resources.

Paid Time Off for Compassionate Leave

Paid time off is available for Compassionate Leave. This is up to 10 days' paid leave on the death of a dependant, or another for whom the employee is responsible for making funeral arrangements.

For the death of a close friend or relative who is not a dependant time off is granted to attend the funeral.

Care of Chronically Ill Dependants

Sympathetic consideration will be given for granting unpaid time off to care for chronically ill dependants.  Each request will be looked at, on a case by case basis and normally granted for up to three months. To apply, this should be made in writing to Human Resources.