Swansea University is committed to supporting employees to care after the birth or adoption of a child.   This policy sets out the provision for paternity/partner leave and your rights as members of staff if your partner is pregnant and can apply to male or female employees in certain circumstances.

  • You are entitled to take 2 weeks paternity/partner leave on SPP if you have 26 weeks service with the University at the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth.
  • If you have 1 years continuous service you can take two weeks at full pay.
  • A week is the same amount of days you normally work e.g. if you work on Mondays and Tuesdays, each week is two days.
  • Paternity/partner leave must be taken in one continuous block, not odd days.
  • You can take paternity leave up to eight weeks after the birth or adoption.
  • You are entitled to take paid time off to accompany your partner (or surrogate mother) to attend 2 ante-natal appointments or, if you are adopting a child, to attend 2 adoption appointments after you have been matched with a child.
  • If your partner wishes to end their maternity or adoption leave early, you can choose to opt into shared parental leave with your partner and share the remaining weeks' leave and pay.

Further Information and Downloads

  • For further details on your eligibility for paternity leave, entitlement, pay and how to apply are included in our procedure and form below: Paternity/Partner Leave Procedure

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