You can take parental leave if you need to look after your child and can help you towards managing childcare arrangements.

  • Parental leave is unpaid and applies to every child in your household.
  • To be eligible for parental leave: 
           - your child must be under 18 years 
           - you must have continuous service with Swansea University of one year or more 
           - you are named on the child’s birth or adoption certificate  
           - you have parental responsibility for your child
  • You can take up to 18 weeks unpaid leave.
  • You can normally take up to 4 weeks per year and this leave should be taken in blocks.
  • If you wish to apply for parental leave you can do so through your Head of your Department/College giving at least 21 days notice, except in special or emergency cases, specifying when the leave is to start and finish.

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