This page contains a non-exhaustive list of resources for staff, line managers, students and the general public, and is constantly updated. If you would like to request any guidance on a particular topic, please contact us here. 

Managing Leavers 

If as a manager you have a member of your staff who wishes to leave their employment with the University, we wish to provide you help and guidance in the transition. As their manager you should encourage them to fill in an exit questionnaire, which should then be returned to HR.  Employees can also request an exit interview with their HR Officer. 

Exit Questionnaire / Holiadur Gadael

General Equality Information

Equality Challenge Unit website

Equality Human Rights Commission website

Line Managers Guide: How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

Voices Have Spoken: support to tackle, challenge and report hate crime - VHS Project Leaflet


Disability Mythbuster 2014 /  Disability Mythbuster 2014 (Cymraeg)

Religion and Belief

Gender Segregation at Events and Meetings: Guidance for Universities

Gender identity (AKA Gender Reassignment):

Supporting a student or member of staff who is transitioning (PDF)

Trans consultation report

Gendered Intelligence

GIRES (Gender Identity Research and Education Society)

Trans staff and students in Higher Education (2010) (PDF)

Trans Unite

Sexual orientation:

Stonewall Role Models: Being Yourself

Bisexuality and Mental Health (PDF)

Getting Bi in a gay/straight world

What's it got to do with you?

LGBT students’ experiences in HE

Line Managers Guide: Preventing the Bullying and Harassment of LGB Employees