Inspiring Woman 2020


Gemma is an Events Coordinator for Reaching Wider, the widening access programme based within the Centre for Academic Success, Student Services. She has been part of the core Reaching Wider team for a little over a year, although she worked as a Student Leader for Reaching Wider for a number of years before. Gemma is passionate about local young people being confident in themselves and proud of their identities, and runs a number of events that give young people the tools to look after their mental health.

Gemma is currently running a Girls Confidence Building programme for a group of pupils at Dylan Thomas Community School, giving these young people the tools they need to work on their resilience, assertiveness and self-belief. Gemma’s sessions focus on coping strategies for minimising stress, creating self-care plans, writing positive affirmations, and making vision boards that demonstrate their goals and dreams. This programme is helping others to achieve by raising their confidence and setting future goals. Gemma ran the same programme in the Spring Term of 2019, when it ran for the first time. In its pilot year, 100% of the participants had increased their resilience, confidence, self-awareness, self-belief, responsibility, empathy and assertiveness by the end of the programme, thanks to Gemma’s work with the group.

She also delivers workshops on sociolinguistics, with a focus on accent pride and stereotypes associated with certain accents, encouraging young people to embrace their accents and have confidence being themselves.