Inspiring Woman 2020

Farzaneh Hafezi

Dr Farzaneh Hafezi is an Industrial Lecturer for a Material Education Training and Learning (METaL) project at the College of Engineering, Swansea University. She came to Swansea as an MSc in Mechanical Engineering student and her desire and ability to make a difference without giving up on challenges was clear. Her engineering background and experience in computational modelling is valuable in upskilling the Welsh industrial workforce. Subsequent to her MSc project, she started working towards her PhD and inspirationally rose to the opportunity when the PhD topic took her significantly outside comfort zone. She concluded her work with 3* papers in prestigious world leading journals.  She gained industry experience and worked for 4 years in an industrial environment analysing complex fluid flows around wind turbines. Once she became comfortable with her job, she sought to enhance her teaching skills and hence, moved to a new role as an Industrial Lecturer. In this role, she is successfully bringing her research and interpersonal skills together to motivate Welsh SME employees to upskill their academic knowledge. Going through this journey as an international and non-native English speaker is inspiring.

In her role as Industrial Lecturer, she has helped industry employees to generate an interest in academic education and demonstrated how it is beneficial for them to remain engaged in this process. Sometimes, she has used her experience as a role model and she has found that rewarding.