Inspiring Woman 2020

Emma Lydiard-Jenkins

Emma leads the Professional Services team for the Accounting and Finance department, providing guidance and direction for all the support staff working alongside students and academics. In addition, Emma also line manages the School’s research support staff, and is Co-Chair of the School’s Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, helping to drive forward the School’s equality and diversity ambitions. Emma brings enormous energy and positivity to all aspects of her work and is a great aspirational role model for all staff, but especially so for women. Emma encourages her female colleagues to progress and take advantage of the myriad of opportunities on offer through the University and embodies the ‘lift as you rise’ philosophy. Her management style draws out the very best from people, ensuring they stay engaged and satisfied in their roles. At the same time, she is also able to mediate and offer constructive advice when it is required, and is happy to intervene and support colleagues in difficult situations. Emma is a continual source of inspiration and somebody that many of us to look up to.

As Co-Chair of the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, Emma played a crucial role in the successful application for the School’s Bronze Award. She continues to work closely with the AS working groups in the School so that they can deliver the bronze action plan in preparation for the Silver Award application a couple of years from now. Emma works hard to promote the Athena SWAN ethos, which has – and continues to be – an important driver of positive culture change.