Interview with Executive Officer of HPC Wales, David Craddock

Evan Doll

Evan Doll is co-founder of Flipboard an app that managed to turn web noise into iPad gold.

Evan previously worked at Apple for six years on the iPhone and Final Cut Pro. He also taught the popular iPhone development course at Stanford University where he also got his undergrad degree in Computer Science.

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Andrew Walwyn

Having recently installed a satellite broadband installation at Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation (OVMRO) headquarters, one of the busiest mountain rescue teams in the UK, we approached the Manager Director of Tooway Direct for an exclusive interview on the requirement for satellite broadband in Wales.

Team Metalogic

Team Metalogic

We find out from Director of Team Metalogic, Mike Parfitt,  why this IT-based service company went through a re-branding exercise, how the recession affected new business and why CPD training has been key to their growth and development?

Note: interview below is a telephone transcript and not a written response