Generic Instructions

If you have a device that does not have instructions provided for it, then you will have to use the generic instructions below along with the user manual of the device in order to self configure it.

Generic Settings

  1. First make sure you have Registered.
  2. Once you have registered you need to set up a Wireless Profile. The setting will be:
  3. SSID / Network Name=eduroam
  4. Security Type=WPA2 Enterprise
  5. Encryption=AES
  6. Network Mode=Infrastructure
  7. EAP Type=EAP-PEAP (preferred) or EAP-TTLS
  8. User Name=Email Address
  9. Password=Email Address password.
  10. Realm / Domain=Leave blank.
  11. Outer swansea email address)
  12. Fast Reconnect=Yes
  13. Server SAN=(leave this empty)
  14. Verify Server Certificate=Yes (optional)
  15. Global Root Certificate=Swansea University Certificate Authority
  16. Link to cert:
  17. Proxy Server
  18. Proxy Server Port=3128
  19. Proxy Authentication=No.