HPC Wales

HPC Wales is an innovative collaboration which gives businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use high performance computing technology.

Our supercomputing infrastructure and service is unique to the UK. In partnership with Fujitsu and universities across Wales, we offer the supercomputing power, high level skills training and customised support necessary to help address global challenges, accelerate scientific breakthroughs and answer long-standing questions.

Our HPC services can help power business innovation and success, assist high impact academic research, and build high-quality HPC skills. Our activities are expected to have huge social and economic benefits across Wales and beyond, which will help Wales to remain globally competitive.

From improving cancer treatment and optimising offshore wind farms, to rendering computer-generated imagery (CGI) for movies, HPC Wales’ services can benefit a wide variety of projects for which the technology may previously have been out of reach.

HPC Wales consists of:

  • A world-class HPC capacity - a pan-Wales distributed network of computer clusters, coupled with expert advice and support. Our distributed infrastructure is connected by secure high-speed links to satellite spokes in Welsh universities and business and research centres.
  • HPC Institute – by facilitating strategic partnerships between the academic and private sector, HPC Wales will help accelerate research and development projects.
  • HPC Skills Academy – HPC Wales will deliver technical courses and workshops to enhance HPC skills and capability across Wales.

HPC Wales offers a pan Wales distributed network of computer clusters. Its ‘hub and spoke’ model provides resilience, shared storage and a wider use of possible applications.

There are two large computer hubs in the South of Wales and a number of Tier 1 and Tier 2 spokes at universities and business centres across Wales. These are connected by secure high speed links to form an integrated high performance computing resource.
This means any part of the HPC Wales resource can be securely accessed from any location.

Within HPC Wales, Swansea University will host and operate a ‘Hub’ computing site, providing High Throughput (HTC) and Capability cluster processing, based on the Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ processing architecture.

In addition to this HPC processing capability, Swansea University also operate a High Performance Medical Data Warehouse system where users are able to ‘mine’ information from (appropriately anonymised) medical and social data sets.

If you require more information on how HPC Wales @ Swansea University can assist you in your research, please contact: