International Postgraduate Alumni Awards


The scheme is open to all International Swansea Alumni candidates applying for a Taught Master’s or Research degree in any subject area.

The definition of ‘alumni’ is candidates who have successfully completed a ‘full’ degree programme at Swansea University for example, students who have qualified with a Bachelor degree applying for a postgraduate Taught or Research programme or a Taught Masters’ student applying for Research programme. 


The following candidates are NOT eligible for an Alumni Bursary:

  • Exchange students
  • Visiting/Associate students (including English Language students)
  • The College, Swansea University Pre-Master’s Programme students
  • CELTA students, GDL and LPC students
  • Students qualifying with an ‘exit’ qualification
  • Students upgrading from MPhil to PhD.


Fee Level


Academic Criteria

All fees

£5,000 per year

First class

All fees

£3,000 per year

Second class, first division 

All fees

£1,000 per year

Second class, second division

Taught Masters to research degree

£3,000 per year*

*Subject to satisfactory progress

Admissions will advise applicants on their offer letter if they are eligible for the award.


  1. Non-EU Alumni only will be eligible. 
  2. The Non-EU Alumni Bursary will be allocated to students on confirmation that all conditions of their offers have been met (or have met the programme’s standard entry requirements).
  3. Alumni Bursaries are available for both full and part-time study. For students studying part-time, the award will be made on a pro-rata basis.
  4. Students must have satisfactorily completed the original degree programme that they were admitted to at Swansea University (excludes ‘fall-back’ qualifications).

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Students must normally be privately funded*.  The Alumni Bursary cannot be taken in conjunction with any scholarship from a student’s national government or other sponsor.
  2. The Alumni Bursary may only be used to offset tuition fees.
  3. A reduced tuition fee will be levied at enrolment for the duration of the programme of study, subject to satisfactory annual progression.
  4. Alumni Bursaries are non-transferable.
  5. Employees of Swansea University will not be eligible.
  6. The Admissions and Recruitment Committee may use whatever means of assessment it thinks most appropriate in order to determine which candidates are worthy of recommendation to Senate for the award of an Alumni Bursary. 
  7. Alumni Bursary holders, having accepted an award, may be contacted by the University’s Public Relations Office.
  8. If it is deemed necessary for an Alumni Bursary holder to suspend their studies, the Bursary will be held on University account and carried forward to the year of resumption of studies and the student will be expected to pay their personal contribution on a pro-rata basis.
  9. With the approval of the Vice-Chancellor or nominee, if an Alumni Bursary holder’s progress is deemed to be unsatisfactory, the Bursary may be withdrawn. If the student feels that such a withdrawal is unjustified, s/he may appeal in writing, using the University’s formal appeal mechanism.
  10. Senate reserves the right to make, amend, withdraw, suspend or cancel without notice these and such other Regulations as may be in force from time to time and such decisions shall be final.  


*Students in receipt of a part-scholarship (up to 50% of full tuition fee) may be considered for an alumni award.