What impact does Brexit have for EU and International Students?

Swansea University is an outward-looking community of researchers and students and we value and celebrate our links with Europe and beyond. We have many European collaborations supporting student and staff mobility, research funding, and capacity building.

Provided that no unilateral action is taken by the UK government (which is unlikely), there will not be any immediate material change to the UK university sector’s participation in EU programmes such as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus+, nor to the immigration status of current and prospective EU students and staff. We expect existing project grants and contracts to be honoured.

Swansea University Statement on EU Fees

Swansea University will honour the tuition fees that students originally agreed when they enrolled on their programme of study, subject to usual inflationary increases, until completion, irrespective of any changes brought by Brexit and level of study (undergraduate, postgraduate taught or postgraduate research).  Any NEW students enrolling after May 2019 (Brexit) will be subject to whatever the stated fees are at the time of enrolment.

EU students beginning in 2019/20 will also be able to access student loans from Student Finance Wales details of which can be found on the Student Finance Wales website.